Security Solutions

Consider that the vast majority of email crisscrossing the web is spam. On top of that, even small organizations receive viruses, worms, and Trojans each day. And though malware may be a smaller threat, it’s no less insidious because it can live on your network for weeks or months before it’s detected. And if that’s not enough — social networking threats are growing every day.

Your in-house anti-virus and anti-spam programs — even if effective — solve only part of the problem. Spam and viruses require remediation and eat up storage and bandwidth. And as each day goes by, the threats become more numerous and sophisticated so the situation could only get worse.

Anti-Virus Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud is a comprehensive hosted security solution for your computer systems.  It’s powerful, yet simple solution will secure your Windows-based desktops, laptops and file servers.  Learn more…

Cloud Backup Services

Barracuda Backup Service offers an optimal back-up service through a hybrid approach that provides a full local data backup and then replicates that data offsite.  Learn more…

Data Loss Prevention

As the most used communication tool in business email can also be your greatest data threat. With Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions from Zix Corp, your organization can monitor and protect your email communication channel.

Email Encryption

ZixCorp Email Encryption Services (ZixDirectory) allows both senders and receivers benefit from the world’s largest shared email encryption community. Easy to install, easy to maintain and, most importantly, easy to use, ZixCorp has build a trusted reputation with the nation’s most influential institutions.


Cisco ASA Firewall allows businesses to securely deploy mission-critical applications and networks in a highly reliable manner.  As enterprise security requirements evolve to respond to a rapidly changing threat environment, Cisco’s product editions enable superior protection by providing the right services for the right location through customizations.  Learn more…

Intrusion Detection

Alert Logic intrusion detection protects your network against internal and external threats.  With 24/7 monitoring and expert guidance services from a state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC) staffed by GIAC-certified analysts and security experts. Alert Logic allows you to meet PCI, HIPAA, and GLBA compliance requirements at a fraction of the cost of staffing your own team of analysts.  Learn more…

Web Filtering

Barracuda Web Security Flex helps you protect web users inside and outside your offices while unifying policy management and reporting. With layered real-time threat protection and customized security coverage, Barracuda Web Security Flex provides premium security to any size environment.  Learn more…